09 Aug 2018 (0 Comments)

I am migrating my web presence over to Jekyll. I love programming, and Ruby is often my language of choice. Being able to tweak my tools is both fun and essential for productivity. And since Jekyll is written in Ruby, I can have a great deal more control, fun and efficiency when I publish my stuff. This is the very beginning of this migration. I will slowly move my static pages over here and then... Read more!

08 Aug 2018 (0 Comments)

After 15 years in the making, finally Amar Tools is ‘feature complete’ and deserving the 1.0 release mark (and just recently jumped to v1.1). The swiss army knife tool set for the Amar Role-Playing game is freely available on Github. Although created for the Amar RPG, these tools are useful for any fantasy RPG. The online version is available here: http://www.isene.org/amar.html A shortened version of the feature list: Generate random encounters in various terrains (day or... Read more!