Podcast 16 - Mental Training

When you read about mental training, you may learn some mental gymnastics tricks to help you focus. But often the very basic skill of being here and now is skipped. And if training to be here and now is covered, it usually involves doing something to ensure you don’t drift away. …to some imaginary paradise, what you had for dinner yesterday, the sex last night or to some problems at work.

There is a way to learn to be truly present without having to resort to mental tricks or doing anything special. Learning to really be present without any props or tools creates a foundation for clean focus. Because if you can calmly be present without needing any mental crutches, you can learn to focus without any underlying mental noise.

This podcasts is about this simple, yet so hard to master skill.

To train to do it well, read this OnePageBook:

Listening - Superpower

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