16 May 2021 (0 Comments)

For those of you that have subscribed to following my blog via e-mail: Google’s Feedburner is shutting down. You can now follow me on the much better service at follow.it. Just click the link above to get e-mail notifications on new blog posts. The link is also available at the the bottom of all pages and posts. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2021/05/Follow.html Read more!

13 May 2021 (0 Comments)

I could boil everything I do down to one simple principle: Do that which helps - don’t do that which doesn’t help. The key to not having to clean up any mess is to not make a mess in the first place. The key to not having to apologize for being stupid… is to not be stupid. The solution to stress and being overworked is to stop taking on too many tasks. Adding a negative... Read more!

10 May 2021 (0 Comments)

How do you get into The Zone with that razor sharp focus where you cannot be distracted? Who’s the master of your mind? How can you become that master? How can you handle unconscious thoughts and feelings, how to manage anger, fear and nervousness? Listen in to learn how to gain stillness of mind. Remember - the exercises I talk about in this podcst is not about supressing any thoughts or feelings. It is about... Read more!

15 Apr 2021 (0 Comments)

What kind of a pervert title is that? No, really - “gopherhole” is a thing. And a cool thing at that. Before the Web, there was Gopher. And they lived happily side-by-side for the better part of the 90s until the Web won out and Gopher went into seclusion. Gopher was - and is - a text-based web of information. It is simpler than the Web, faster and free from bells, whistles and commercial distractions.... Read more!

23 Mar 2021 (0 Comments)

Brendan asked if we could do a set of very short videos on the basic principles in what we do. He asked a question or two and I go 0.2 seconds to start answering. This is what you get with absolutely no preparation - honest, raw and first takes only. If you want to get my most basic tips, here they are: Link to this post: https://isene.org/2021/03/Basics.html Read more!

02 Mar 2021 (0 Comments)

Ten years ago I wrote an article for The Elephant Journal titled, “What is Reality?” Last week I discovered the works of Donald Hoffman. His theories align well with my article and even better with my current views of existence. First; My article: She looked at me with a slight smile. My heart thumping and hands starting to sweat. I wanted to move but the legs wouldn’t obey. I had to force my body to... Read more!

21 Feb 2021 (0 Comments)

What stops you from reaching your goals? How do you remove stops and distractions? How do you stop distracting yourself when you must be at peak performance? How is esports different from more physical sports when it comes to mental training? These are some of the elements I cover in this podcast episode. Drawing from decades of coaching and mental training of top performers, I reflect on what can help you gain sharp focus and... Read more!

20 Feb 2021 (0 Comments)

Extending the concept of evaluating people as Givers or Takers with the Scale of Giving. Make the World a better place by being a Giver and surround yourself with other Givers. This will create ripple effects and become a true pay-it-forward solution. Perhaps the most insidious is the people pretending to be givers when all they think about is what’s in it for them. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2021/02/Podcast-ScaleOfGiving.html Read more!

10 Feb 2021 (0 Comments)

My latest Covid relief: The T-REX The Corona times has made room for doing more geek stuff. I’m lovin’ it. After creating the RTFM and Astropanel, time came to create my own RPN calculator for the terminal. I have enjoyed creating this even though it took much less time than I was hoping for (less than 20 hours). Hopefully someone will use it and start nudging me for new features :-) This screencast shows the... Read more!

17 Jan 2021 (0 Comments)

Who should you surround yourself with? Could there be a really simple answer to this seemingly complex subject? My adventure to simplify everything has reached the subject of “evaluating people”. During my 10 years as a professional recruiter/headhunter, I focused on determining a candidate’s personality, production record and how well the candidate would fit the team. We reached a record breaking success in our placements - but at a cost. Our evaluations were quite complex.... Read more!

16 Jan 2021 (0 Comments)

Here are two more interesting webinars for you. Cathrine Skovli is on a roll, setting up one cool webinar after the other. First we have a webinar with Aksel Inge Sinding - a psychologist specializing in emotions. Here’s how Cathrine framed this webinar: Starting in Norwegian, but we shift to english after a few minutes :-) Aksel Inge Sinding is helping people and kids deal with and understanding their emotions. He is active in webinars,... Read more!

08 Jan 2021 (0 Comments)

Welcome to our first webinar of 2021 :-) The Olympic Gold medalist Øystein “Pølsa” Pettersen shares his uncommon common sense as a former top international ski sensation now turned coach and motivator. Listen to his straight-forward and to-the-point wisdom. This webinar is in Norwegian - but we agreed to do one in English at a later stage. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2021/01/Pettersen.html Read more!