12 Apr 2022 (0 Comments)

It’s been 8 years since I did the series of blog posts on amazing people in my life. It’s time to add one very special person: Siv Bayegan. Apart from being incredible smart and wise, she has the most amazing drive to improve in every situation she meets. Her passion to improve as a human being is like none I’ve ever seen before. She strives to own every obstacle, every challenge. Never pointing the finger... Read more!

01 Apr 2022 (0 Comments)

After learning to program when I was 13, I soon started to design my own programming language. But I didn’t have the skills to implement it, and the project was soon forgotten. Until a few weeks ago. I remembered - and got the spark again. After about 50 hours of coding, I’m proud to announce XRPN - a stack-based programming language in the spirit of Forth and Postscript. It covers a lot of ground with... Read more!

05 Dec 2021 (0 Comments)

It was a real pleasure to talk to @GreyBeard (Ryan Hogarth) from South Africa. Ryan is an excellent video blog host, caster and Rocket League enthusiast. Great questions and a pleasant conversation. Take a look and see if you can pick up some tips for your own gaming, Read more!

16 Nov 2021 (0 Comments)

Few things gets me going like programming. After a rush of coding in the beginning of the year, I found myself missing the creative intellectual challange that programming poses. Then I found a missing application and my geek life got new zest. With three telescopes and a bunch of eyepieces, there are lots of calculations that I want done. An eyepiece is that optical piece you put in at the end of a telescope that... Read more!

05 Oct 2021 (0 Comments)

“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” (Helmut Schmidt) How to help yourself and others improve: Focus on the positive. Download as pdf by clicking on the cover image: As usual, you will find it in the OnePageBooks section - including the option to buy it as an e-book on Amazon or download the e-book (epub format) for free. Read more!

25 Sep 2021 (0 Comments)

There is a common misconception among laymen and scientists alike that if you throw a dice an infinite amount of times, you will get at least one 6. Perhaps even an infinite amount of 6s. Or, with the multiverse theory - if you have an infinite amount of universes, you will have another universe exactly like our own. And one where the only difference is that you choose a vanilla ice cream instead of the... Read more!

16 Sep 2021 (0 Comments)

If you have something you should do - for any reason - and you struggle to muster up the motivation to do it, here’s a simple technique to get going: Write down all the long-term benefits that you can see from doing it. Pick the most important one. Stick to that one long-term value (for now). Write down all the immediate benefits from doing it. Pick the one that is most motivating for you and... Read more!

16 May 2021 (0 Comments)

For those of you that have subscribed to following my blog via e-mail: Google’s Feedburner is shutting down. You can now follow me on the much better service at follow.it. Just click the link above to get e-mail notifications on new blog posts. The link is also available at the the bottom of all pages and posts. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2021/05/Follow.html Read more!

13 May 2021 (0 Comments)

I could boil everything I do down to one simple principle: Do that which helps - don’t do that which doesn’t help. The key to not having to clean up any mess is to not make a mess in the first place. The key to not having to apologize for being stupid… is to not be stupid. The solution to stress and being overworked is to stop taking on too many tasks. Adding a negative... Read more!

10 May 2021 (0 Comments)

How do you get into The Zone with that razor sharp focus where you cannot be distracted? Who’s the master of your mind? How can you become that master? How can you handle unconscious thoughts and feelings, how to manage anger, fear and nervousness? Listen in to learn how to gain stillness of mind. Remember - the exercises I talk about in this podcst is not about supressing any thoughts or feelings. It is about... Read more!

15 Apr 2021 (0 Comments)

What kind of a pervert title is that? No, really - “gopherhole” is a thing. And a cool thing at that. Before the Web, there was Gopher. And they lived happily side-by-side for the better part of the 90s until the Web won out and Gopher went into seclusion. Gopher was - and is - a text-based web of information. It is simpler than the Web, faster and free from bells, whistles and commercial distractions.... Read more!

23 Mar 2021 (0 Comments)

Brendan asked if we could do a set of very short videos on the basic principles in what we do. He asked a question or two and I go 0.2 seconds to start answering. This is what you get with absolutely no preparation - honest, raw and first takes only. If you want to get my most basic tips, here they are: Link to this post: https://isene.org/2021/03/Basics.html Read more!