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If your whole life is centered around having a perfect body, then any criticism of your body will be a criticism of your whole world. If your life is all about your job, then taking a hit at work will see your world crumble. The smaller your world is, the more vulnerable you are to criticism or to someone rocking that small world. Having a small world is commonly referred to as being self centered.... Read more!

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You should be able to do like the black woman in this video. That doesn’t mean that you should take any kind of shit. But you should be able to. You could get really good at handling distractions. Like the guy in this video: To master this skill, read the OnePageBook, “Mental training - The core” Link to this post: https://isene.org/2018/09/Tolerate.html Read more!

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In this podcast I cover the essence of Free Will - the central argument most philosophers muddle or sidestep. Making it really simple, the whole subject boils down to one argument, one simple choice. After listening to the podcast, read the OnePageBook titled, “Free will” and the article, “On Will”. Then feel free to pitch in with your ideas on how free will can be proven or disproven with strict logical arguments (or even using... Read more!

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In Singapore working this week - on two discussion panels at the Shipping2030 conference. I love the diversity of this place, the buzzing, the many facets and places to view and enjoy. I’m looking forward to challenging the conservative shipping industry to embrace more collaboration. I’d like to see the industry pull together with more ant hill innovation. Changing products, processes and policy is easy. Changing minds and culture is the challenge. I’ll be in... Read more!

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I am often approached by pupils and students doing an essay or presentation on Scientology in class. I point them to my page here on Scientology with links to posts, articles, videos and even books I have written on the subject. But something was missing: A simple and short introduction to what it actually is. Leaving the glorified PR to the Church and the venomous take-downs to the critics, here is a podcast that answers... Read more!

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In any game you will have a degree of control. When you are a noob, you have little or no control. As you start getting a hang of it you will have increased control until you achieve full mastery and full control. The most delicate situations is when you have no control or full control. That’s when you are most likely to quit the game. When you have little control, you will feel discomfort. When... Read more!

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Have you seen the movie E.T. or the Netflix series Stranger Things? Then you probably have some idea of what Role-Playing Games are. In this podcast I give a 20 minute introduction to RPGs in general and the Amar RPG in particular. Get into the fun and excitement of adventure and creating stories together with your friends. Link to transcribed video. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2018/09/Podcast-RPGs.html Read more!

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This is my first podcast here at isene.org. I talk about the range of topics I may cover in my upcoming podcasts - anything from sex to astrophysics. Want me to cover something special? Want to challenge me? State your wish in the comment section below. It may come true :-) PS: As I mention in the podcast, I tried experimenting with Octopod as the podcast platform. But it was way more complex than simply... Read more!

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Here are some neat updates for Game Masters of the Amar Role-Playing Game. A Game Master screen can be made using a generic screen like the Stratagem The Master’s Tome Customizable GM Screen. Just choose 4 of the 5 available panels, print out and insert them into the generic screen’s plastic sleeves. You’ll have a nice screen to hide all your Game Master secret from the players with all the important game tables right in... Read more!

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It’s been a great adventure with memories for life. Of the 52 countries I have visited, the Japanese are the most polite, service minded and nicest people - with Tanzanians in a good second place. The Aussies are still the coolest. Tokyo is the nicest city I’ve been to. Sydney is still the most beautiful, New York the most spectacular, while Longyearbyen is my favorite. When I visited Tokyo for the first time, 1.5 years... Read more!

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I got some of my art up in the newly built art gallery And some of my photo work in the photo gallery And then my music got a permanent home in the music gallery I currently explore photography. I will do more digital artwork and music when that grabs my interest again. Read more!

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Today Niklas and I visited the Owl Café. It’s my second time visiting these fascinating birds. Niklas was there three weeks ago with Jonatan and Benjamin. We all love the cuties. Getting this close to them does give a nice perspective on how different life can be. If you ever visit Tokyo, make sure to drop by the Owl Café. Read more!