ESCHER - the font

I had to get my son Jonatan (16) to grow up and help me to complete this project from 1999.

Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the works of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher. His artwork is very diverse, but it was his drawings of “impossible objects” that caught my interest and has remained an inspiration all my life. His “Waterfall” started my fascination with dimensions and led me to explore dimesions above 3 - with me and a high school friend experimenting with Convay’s Game of Life in both 4, 5 and 6 dimensions.

Twenty years ago I decided to make a font based on his ideas - my own tribute to the artist. With pen and pencil I jotted down a few characters based on his impossible drawings during a family vacation in Portugal. But then I got stuck and left the project. I did revisit the task several times but never got it completed before now. Jonatan has been designing and redesigning characters with me since a few days, and here it is, the font:

The whole character set consists of the capital letters A-Z and the numbers 0-9. We are planning to add a few more symbols like punctuation mark, hyphen, comma and a few others.

As you can see, the M, and W are variations of Impossible Trident while the 6 and 9 contains the Penrose Triangle.

You can download and freely use the TrueType font “ESCHER” by clicking here (released under the Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License).

There are now only two more long-standing projects that I feel I should complete; Controlling my telescope with my HP-41 calculator and (dis)proving Free Will through mathematical logic.

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