Podcast 15 - Learn better public speaking, even without slides

To become a good public speaker, practice.

To become a great public speaker, practice more.

Here are my tips for you along the way:

  1. Decide on the impact and value you would like to make with the audience
  2. Instead of using slides, jot down a set of keywords or phrases that makes it likely for you to create that value
  3. Use your key words and concepts as Lego building blocks. Mold your presentation according to the responses from the audience
  4. Pay attention to the audience, listen, be interactive, be there for them
  5. Be interested rather than interesting
  6. Be transparent, be yourself - say what you feel, what you see, what you experience

Slides may help you in the beginning, and they may be useful later in presenting complex illustrations or data. But unless you are doing a set speach with no interaction with the audience, slides is more often a crutch, a burden. Like running with crutches, slides will limit your performance.

Practice more.

Listening - Superpower

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