Podcast 12 - Women will be last to be replaced by robots and AI

Earlier today I held a workshop in Tromsø - north of the arctic circle - at the annual WISTA conference (WISTA being the “Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association”). The topic of my workshop was “Digitization, robots and AI. Why women will be the last to be replaced by robots and AI”. I was having a fun three hours with 25 smart and inspiring women. And to sum it up, I decided to wrap it all into a podcast.

The WISTA 2018 conference

I referenced the article, “Processes, automation and human potential” in the workshop. I also mentioned a few OnePageBooks relevant to the subject, #Fail, How to help a friend in trouble, Mental trainen - The core and of course Simple!.

I also showed two videos during the workshop. One dealing with empathy:

…and one dealing with how to exercise your empathy - which is in essence one of the exercises covered in the OnePageBook on mental training:

Link to transcribed video.

Link to this post: https://isene.org/2018/10/Podcast-WomanAndAutomation.html