Podcast 5 - If you are easily hurt, your world is too small

If your whole life is centered around having a perfect body, then any criticism of your body will be a criticism of your whole world. If your life is all about your job, then taking a hit at work will see your world crumble.

The smaller your world is, the more vulnerable you are to criticism or to someone rocking that small world.

Having a small world is commonly referred to as being self centered. So, bluntly put - the more sensetive you are to criticism, the more self centered you are.

Being self centered and having a small world is similar to running a business with only a few customers. It hurts when one customer stops buying.

Just like with the number of friends you have. If you only have three friends, it hurts like hell if one of them turns her back on you.

If you have just one line of income, you are financially more vulnerable than if you have several.

To get less sensitive to criticism, grow your world. Grow your interest in more areas, more people. Drown out the focus on yourself by focusing more on others.

But does this mean you have to become an “extrovert”? And how does this relate to being interested versus being interesting?

Listen to the podcast and get provoked.

This post is related to an earlier blog post titled, “You should be able to do this”.

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