24 Sep 2020 (0 Comments)

Our weekly webinar from our Facebook Group, “Help without thought of reward.” This time the subject was “When to push and when to support” - another suggestion by Brian. Enjoy: Link to this post: https://isene.org/2020/09/PushOrSupport.html Read more!

17 Sep 2020 (0 Comments)

Brian Thompson from our Facebook Group, “Help without thought of reward” had suggested that we talk about whether one should think before one speaks. By rolling the dice on possible subjects, this was the one we covered today. Cathrine Skovli, our webinar host, just turned 40 and we gave her a cacophony of a birthday song in the beginning of this recording. Then we got into the subject matter of “Thinking before you speak”, about... Read more!

16 Sep 2020 (0 Comments)

Control your PC with your phone by voice. To get voice control running on my Linux laptop proved to be a mess. Running voice control on my Android phone was a breeze. Connecting the two is rudimentary. So now I can talk to my phone while on stage and the right presentation pops up on my laptop that sits on the otheer side of the stage. Or any other creative scenario you may imagine. Here... Read more!

11 Sep 2020 (0 Comments)

This week’s webinar gave interesting angles on learning - learning faster, slower, enjoying learning and why we should learn stuff. Cathrine Skovli from our Facebook Group, “Help without thought of reward” is doing a great job driving these webinars toward ever more interesting themes. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2020/09/Learning.html Read more!

06 Sep 2020 (0 Comments)

This is the post that I put out on our Facebook group “Help without thought of reward”: Lots of random advice was offered. Here’s a collection of the coolest :) Be happy for no reason. (Christie) Be the moment. (Mark) Nobody cares about your embarrassment. Whatever it is, forget it. (Roland) Don’t live in resentment and regret… And forgive yourself. We all make mistakes… (Donna) Respect yourself and set your standards:) (Konrad) Have positive expectations,... Read more!

03 Sep 2020 (0 Comments)

This week Cathrine Skovli from our Facebook Group, “Help without thought of reward” hosted our third webinar. We talk about parenting. And whether you have kids or not, this should be inspiring - with stories, anecdotes and practical tips. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2020/09/Parenting.html Read more!

28 Aug 2020 (0 Comments)

This week Cathrine Skovli from our Facebook Group, “Help without thought of reward” hosted another Zoom session. This time on the subject of setting goals. It could serve as a continuation of my earlier blog post, “Do you actually need your goals and ambitions?”. We cover the setting of goals from different angles and for many different situations. Thanks to Cathrine for the initiativ, to Brendan for his wisdom and to Brian and Harry for... Read more!

21 Aug 2020 (0 Comments)

This week I created a Facebook Group, “Help without thought of reward”. It was in a way a reaction to all the social groups where people hang around to get clients, solicit business, sell products or offer help to gain something back. My Facebook group is purely altruistic. It’s a place where people give help freely and without thought of reward. Help because it helps others. I try to keep politics and religion out of... Read more!

13 Aug 2020 (0 Comments)

In my lock-down geekery, I have been searching for the perfect pocket computer setup. Having been an HP calculator collector since a couple of decades, I have a passion for pocket computing power with really long battery life. The HP-41 is an amazing calculator with months of battery life. But it is still a calculator. I also want real computing power - with the ability to run VIM for editing text (with a decent keyboard)... Read more!

27 Jul 2020 (0 Comments)

It’s a cool July so far with overcast limiting my time with the telescope. My three oldest boys (Niklas, Jonatan and Benjamin) and I took the car for a two week grand tour of Norway. We drove all the way up to Lofoten and visited my father and down across the beautiful western shores, down south and back to Oslo - spending an avreage of 6 hours in the car per day. Fantstic nature, great... Read more!

28 Jun 2020 (0 Comments)

You will find a huge amount of free resources on my sites. From books, articles and podcasts to blog posts, music, artwork, photography and code. Guidance in life, coaching material, how to be kick-ass on stage, creating an excellent CV, recruiting the right employees, leading teams to greatness, how to overcome stress, how to enjoy life more, how to divorce, mental training, how to help others… the list goes on and on. But why give... Read more!

27 Jun 2020 (0 Comments)

Find good in people. See the good in people. Appreciate the good in people. Tell them. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2020/06/Good.html Read more!