11 Jul 2019 (0 Comments)

While I have previously covered the ability to like anything, I have now taken this to a new level: Enjoy everything. It was a tough climb to 1238 meters above the sea level. Not having slept much the days before or eaten enough to embark on this adventure, it was tougher than two years ago when I first got to the top of Tromsdalstinden. The views from the top is stunning. Silent, tranquil, magnificent. It’s... Read more!

01 Jul 2019 (0 Comments)

I’ve had the pleasure working more closely with a truly great guy the past few weeks - Øivind Haugland. He’s an excellent sounding board and he gets me thinking. Like what the exact value of what I do really is. And it boils down to this: Making Everything Simpler. Like HyperList for structuring information in a simpler way. Or the OnePageBooks. Or my explorations of Free Will. These are all efforts to simplify. Whenever I... Read more!

21 Jun 2019 (0 Comments)

The album “A Tribute to Purpose” is now available on Spotify. It includes new remixes of music I have released recently. Having had a resurge in my artistic purposes lately, I created this as a general tribute to purpose - whatever that may mean for you. Check it out: My first album (published in 2016): Link to this post: https://isene.org/2019/06/Purpose.html Read more!

05 Jun 2019 (0 Comments)

First: Here is a presentation of the project (download pdf) Secondly: We are holding an open meeting in Oslo on June 14th 17:30 at Mariboes gate 8. You are invited to come for the recent news and to ask any question you like. We will cover everything from updates on the various parts of the project, when we accept applications, how the training will be done, what to expect as a student, progress on funding... Read more!

12 May 2019 (0 Comments)

My son Jonatan came home one day from kindergarden and asked “Daddy, do you believe in reality?” That sparked an interesting mind-popping session where we talked about the nature of reality, cosmology, quantum mechanics and free will. This was 10 years ago and he was 5. Jonatan has continued to challenge me and teach me. I decided to put together my latest creative works into a video. Jonatan, this is for you. And then I... Read more!

27 Apr 2019 (0 Comments)

Let’s review the game we all call life. Brendan’s brainchild, the simplicity is striking as usual. This time I did a video blog post on the book release. It includes some philosophy and quantum mechanics just to spice it up. As usual, you will find it in the OnePageBooks section. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2019/04/Game.html Read more!

15 Apr 2019 (0 Comments)

I got the exciting opportunity to travel to Somaliland to see if a dream project could be brought to fruition. The whole adventure is played out in almost real time through a Youtube video blog. You find the 15 videos capturing the adventure below the project description. Subscribe to this web site to follow the progress as I put up more blog posts regarding this project. THE PROJECT Educating young talents to become software developers... Read more!

03 Apr 2019 (0 Comments)

Got hooked on PsyTrance. And with the publicly available NASA archives, I went on a splurge. It took a few tries and mixing before I got it right. So here you have the final cut, the “Sparrow Mix” of “The Eagle Has Landed”: Want to inspire me to make more music? Add a comment below :-) Link to this post: https://isene.org/2019/04/Eagle.html Read more!

10 Mar 2019 (0 Comments)

It’s been a few years since I created music. I decided to get into the creative mode again and here it is - “To the Castle”. Inspired by fantasy movies and the Amar Role-Playing Game. Every other week I am hosting a Role-Playing session for eight inspirational youngsters. It’s great fun and it opens up some interesting creative paths. Like the urge to create some music. Enjoy :) Link to this post: https://isene.org/2019/03/Castle.html Read more!

20 Feb 2019 (0 Comments)

While I believe man-made climate change poses the most immediate existential threat to Mankind, I think there is a more fundamental long term threat. A threat that could ultimately wipe us out. It could be summed up as “lack of excitement” - or as our relentless quest for improvement and safety - our effort to continually make everything better, more automated, more comfortable, less risky… and safer. With the new wave of robotics and artificial... Read more!

18 Feb 2019 (0 Comments)

At the tail end of my interview on Annmarie Bhola’s podcast, she asked me about my views on global warming. We had an interesting exchange that turned out as a podcast in its own right. We decided it would be a nice joint venture to present this interview on Geir’s Everything. So here you go - my views on man-made climate change in a podcast. Link to transcribed video Link to this post: https://isene.org/2019/02/Podcast-GlobalWarming.html Read more!

14 Feb 2019 (0 Comments)

I had the great pleasure talking to the wonderful Annmarie Bhola. Her combination of empathy and intelligence stands out. We had a cool session that is relevant way beyond the headline. In addition to covering some of the points from my earlier podcast (Women will be last to be replaced by robots and AI), we covered fatherhood and men’s future job situations. Go check it out here :-) Link to this post: https://isene.org/2019/02/RelevantMen.html Read more!