11 Apr 2020 (0 Comments)

Marcus Aurelius is one of my favorite philosophers. His views capture much of how I conduct my life, but with an extra dose of empathy. In these Corona times, Marcus has som good advice captured in this must-read article. Enjoy. “Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.” “You have power over your mind - not... Read more!

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Thanks to Brendan who discovered Calendly, you can now book a 30 minute online coaching session with me. Just follow the link in the bottom right corner and book an available time slot that suits you. We can talk over Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom, Signal, Messenger or any other means that you like. And it’s free. I enjoy coaching a variety of different people. But this doesn’t have to be a coaching session. It could... Read more!

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“We stopped looking outward because this became more interesting to us.” “So it’s that simple? We’re driven by interest, and that’s all?” “Yeah, pretty much?” “But don’t you wonder what’s out there? If there is anything left on Earth, or anyone? Or if there is life elsewhere in the Universe?” “Why would you care? Isn’t this all you ever wanted? Everything you could ever wish for is right in here, with the flip of a... Read more!

07 Apr 2020 (0 Comments)

Here is an example of a motivational workshop we do in our company “Å” (A-Circle). It is our way of helping people get a motivation boost while in some degree of Corona lock-down. We have done this workshop more than 20 times so far. and it is version 8 of this simple slide that we base it on: We make a habit of doing fun projects and workshops with fun people. This time we did... Read more!

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The apprentice Fakir lied there squirming on the bed of nails. His master lied perfectly still beside him. “But… Master, don’t you feel the pain?” “Of course I feel the pain. The trick is not minding the pain.” One could go even further. Anything in life is either resisted, accepted, liked or enjoyed. While it is perfectly fine to have any of these four attitudes toward anything as you wish, it helps to be aware... Read more!

26 Mar 2020 (0 Comments)

Are you afraid of dying? Then, to be blunt, that may just be the root cause of your problems in life. Fear, any fear breads irrationality. A fear of death is so basic that it underpins all of life and becomes a general lowering of rationality - to some degree. I find it underlying all other fears in my experience as a mental trainer and coach. Because what is the worst that can happen if... Read more!

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Update (2020-12-25): The DM41X is now my primary calculator. I am overjoyed. Update (2020-10-15): Having bought a final production unit of the DM41X, I can report that the keyboard issues of the beta version has been fully addressed. The keyboard no longer miss any keystrokes, it clicks firmly and is a real joy to use. If you are looking for the ultimate calculator - look no further. Buy the DM41X. At this time I am... Read more!

13 Mar 2020 (0 Comments)

Inspired by my collegue Brendan Martin who made a methodology based on his name, I decided to do the same. To brainstorm and envision a goal, you need four ingredients. The goal must be: G = Groundbreaking E = Exciting I = Impressive R = Radiating Not only should it be groundbreaking, exciting and impressive - it must radiate to inspire change in people’s lives. In order to realize the goal, you need five components:... Read more!

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Only do that which helps. Don’t do that which doesn’t help. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2020/03/WouldItHelp.html Read more!

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If you have followed my blogging on Somaliland, you will know that I am working to help that country create a software development industry. Here’s the update to this project. We launched the website to explain the project in the simplest of terms. Take a look and tell me what you think. While it is really easy to sell a commercial project for a millon dollars here in Norway, it is much harder to finance... Read more!

05 Feb 2020 (0 Comments)

A talk on simplicity - in coaching, in life, in games, in the search for truth and free will. I pulled up the phone and my mini-mic and did this raw and personal talk in the woods. First take, no editing. I cover some breaktroughs in coaching, my quest for free will and the best improvement practice I’ve found so far and its contrast to the complex mess called Scientology. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2020/02/Simple.html... Read more!

30 Dec 2019 (0 Comments)

I had to get my son Jonatan (16) to grow up and help me to complete this project from 1999. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the works of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher. His artwork is very diverse, but it was his drawings of “impossible objects” that caught my interest and has remained an inspiration all my life. His “Waterfall” started my fascination with dimensions and led me to explore... Read more!