Random advice

This is the post that I put out on our Facebook group “Help without thought of reward”:

Lots of random advice was offered. Here’s a collection of the coolest :)

  • Be happy for no reason. (Christie)
  • Be the moment. (Mark)
  • Nobody cares about your embarrassment. Whatever it is, forget it. (Roland)
  • Don’t live in resentment and regret… And forgive yourself. We all make mistakes… (Donna)
  • Respect yourself and set your standards:) (Konrad)
  • Have positive expectations, no matter what. Be open to surprises. (Flemming)
  • Take a different route home from work than you did to work. Change both the next day… also change mode of transportation frequently, even if it is just changing shoes. (Thomas)
  • Be like a dog: live in the moment and always assume the sale! (Mary)
  • Do what the little kid inside you loves. Dance with someone in a public place outside. Go to a art gallery you’ve never been to before. (Cynthia)
  • No matter what, stay curious and stay playful. (Bruno)
  • Sing frecuently. (Susana)
  • Assign abstract ideas a probability rather than “I believe” or “I don’t believe”. This side-steps our hardwired subconcious screening mechanisms that were designed to prevent overload from sensory stimuli, but that cause confirmation bias when applied to ideas. (Doug)
  • Learn to sharpen knives properly and to repair things. Not to save money or the environment, though that’s a good reason too, but to realize that knowledge is there for the taking. (Bjørn)
  • It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. (Lynne)
  • Life is uncertain; eat dessert first! (Nancy)
  • Give a SMILEand a HI to a stranger each day. (Cathrine)
  • Wasted time is worse than wasting money, basically invest your time wisely. (Mona)
  • Try your best not to hold on to grudges. It’s like letting people live in your mind - without paying rent. (Pierce)
  • Stop looking for advice. (Ángel)
  • Don’t listen to advice from others. Nobody knows what they’re talking about. (Pierce)
  • Take your own advice. (Simon)
  • If you want agreement - go find someone who agrees with you. (Lyn)
  • Here a Moroccan famous proverb: If your friend is honey, don’t lick him. (Youness)
  • Don’t fry bacon in the nude. (Rune)
  • Don’t microwave mayonnaise. (Charles)
  • When in doubt, do what I would do. (Dexter)

Link to this post: https://isene.org/2020/09/Advice.html