esport and mental training

I am engaged esport via the AW3 brand both as an owner and as a coach and mental trainer for top esport contenders. This page serves as a primer and prerequisite for those I coach and train. To engage in the training, you need to do the following before we start:

  1. Read the blog post, “Parents; Embrace your kid’s gaming
  2. Watch the video, “Mental training in eSports
  3. Listen to the podcast, “Mental Training
  4. Read the OnePageBook, “Mental training - The core
  5. Listen to the podcast, “Why mental clarity and presence give top performance
  6. Listen to the podcast, “Getting in The Zone - creating thoughts and feelings
  7. Read the blog post, “The RALE Scale
  8. Read the article, “Coaching and mental training
  9. Watch the video, “Kluber ENDURES shower of sunflower seeds!
  10. Write me an e-mail ( explaining:
    • what you got out of doing the above, and
    • what you would like to achieve with mental training
  11. And finally, hook me up on Discord (isene#0199).

Recently I have acquired an apprentice that can help with professional esports contenders. He would engage the right players for free to gain more experience.

From a Rocket League player on Twitter: