Podcast 24 - Why mental clarity and presence give top performance

What stops you from reaching your goals? How do you remove stops and distractions? How do you stop distracting yourself when you must be at peak performance? How is esports different from more physical sports when it comes to mental training?

These are some of the elements I cover in this podcast episode. Drawing from decades of coaching and mental training of top performers, I reflect on what can help you gain sharp focus and reach your goals.

This episode is a companion to Episode 16 “Mental Training” and the OnePageBook “Mental Training - The Core”.

The inspiration for this episode came from discussions with Niklas (my oldest son and the CEO of our esports initiative) and Ryuu (one of the top esports coaches) and mental training with our Rocket League team.

Link to this post: https://isene.org/2021/02/Podcast-TopPerformance.html