Amazing person - Siv Bayegan

It’s been 8 years since I did the series of blog posts on amazing people in my life. It’s time to add one very special person: Siv Bayegan.

Apart from being incredible smart and wise, she has the most amazing drive to improve in every situation she meets. Her passion to improve as a human being is like none I’ve ever seen before. She strives to own every obstacle, every challenge. Never pointing the finger or placing the blame, but taking full responsibility for how she can improve going forward. It’s a passion I deeply admire.

Siv has a deep care for others. She feels what others feel. She relates but at the same time can expand on any situation by offering fresh new perspectives. There’s never a dull moment with Siv - the business woman, the engineer, the spiritually aware, the listener, the friend, my love.

Siv has taken my life to a whole new level. I am blessed to have her by my side. I am a better person since I met her one year ago. I am inspired and I love to inspire her back.

Siv - I have a profound love for you.