The Amar Role-Playing Game

Amar RPG is a simple, yet realistic Role-Playing Game. It is freely available over at

Amar is a community-driven game developed by several contributors on a wiki. Feel free to use it and to contribute with suggestions and improvements.

Tools for the Amar RPG

There is a comprehensive online tool for the Amar RPG. With the Amar Tools you can easily generate all kinds of random encounters - from Elves and Trolls to Dwarves, Demons, Dragons, special magic creatures and normal folks like peasants, soldiers, prostitutes and carpenters. You can also generate detailed Non-Player Characters, elaborate with skills covering fighting, archery, tracking, magic, social lore and much more. You can even create fully populated villages, towns and cities - complete with a graphical map showing the relationship between the inhabitant. There is also a random weather generator and name generators for the main races of Amar as well as names for villages, towns, cities and magic items.

Read this blog post for a detailed description of these tools.

The Kingdom of Amar