More webinars - emotions and extreme living

Here are two more interesting webinars for you. Cathrine Skovli is on a roll, setting up one cool webinar after the other.

First we have a webinar with Aksel Inge Sinding - a psychologist specializing in emotions. Here’s how Cathrine framed this webinar:

Starting in Norwegian, but we shift to english after a few minutes :-) Aksel Inge Sinding is helping people and kids deal with and understanding their emotions. He is active in webinars, podcasts and he has, for a number of years run public information about emotions and mental health. Among other things, through articles, courses, lectures, media assignments and a regular column in Aftenposten (Norwegian national newspaper). Aksel has also written the book “Wise on emotions”.

Then we have a very different webinar - with one of the World’s most extreme athletes, Frode Lein. Again, here’s Cathrine’s take:

Frode is one of Norway’s roughest ultra runners. He has a top position in some of the world’s most extreme stage races, both those that are ranked as the world’s warmest and coldest, as well as high up in extreme mountain ranges. Frode has challenged the toughest athletes over high mountains, through dangerous deserts, jungles, savannas and at the South Pole.

We talk at zoom and you can join in live at any time. And feel free to tips us about subjetcs and mail me if you want us to talk with you.

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