Podcast 22 - Evaluating people; Givers & Takers

Who should you surround yourself with?

Could there be a really simple answer to this seemingly complex subject?

My adventure to simplify everything has reached the subject of “evaluating people”.

During my 10 years as a professional recruiter/headhunter, I focused on determining a candidate’s personality, production record and how well the candidate would fit the team. We reached a record breaking success in our placements - but at a cost. Our evaluations were quite complex. And we did only “safe placements”. I am quite sure we missed out on some “crazy geniuses” that could have been far better than our safe choices. I wrote a couple of books on the subject before I left that profession in 2000. After that I have been doing recruitments for my own companies and still some for clients.

Over the years I have become more pragmatic and much simpler in my approach to recruitment. And to everything else in life. I continually hunt for simplicity and have now come down to what may well be the simplest way to evaluate who you should sorround yourself with.

Listen in on this simple 4 minutes podcast. I could have made it in less than a minute, but I was too lazy to simplify it further.

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