This week I created a Facebook Group, “Help without thought of reward”.

It was in a way a reaction to all the social groups where people hang around to get clients, solicit business, sell products or offer help to gain something back.

My Facebook group is purely altruistic. It’s a place where people give help freely and without thought of reward. Help because it helps others.

I try to keep politics and religion out of the group and encourage people to think if their post or comment actually help others in some way.

We get anything from general tips and advice to food recipes, tech tips, life coaching tools and any other helpful posts.

It grew to more than 500 members in less than four days and I’m enjoying people’s willingness to share and help each other.

One of the members, Cathrine Skovli wanted to do a Zoom session on “procrastination”. She invited a panel to participate, recorded the session and posted it on the group. The panel consisted of Signe-Marie Hernes Bjerke, Brendan Martin and myself with Vinay Agarwala listening in and commenting.

Cathrine wants to make this into a weekly show, and so we have something tangible from this group right off the bat. And here’s the first episode:

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