Podcast interview - Hennings Verden

It’s a cool July so far with overcast limiting my time with the telescope. My three oldest boys (Niklas, Jonatan and Benjamin) and I took the car for a two week grand tour of Norway. We drove all the way up to Lofoten and visited my father and down across the beautiful western shores, down south and back to Oslo - spending an avreage of 6 hours in the car per day. Fantstic nature, great experience.

I then spent a week in Fredrikstad where Anette is living with our Aleksander and had a wonderful time with the little guy.

Back home I have had the time to nerd out with programming, tuning my Linux setup, creating a new sci-fi role-playing adventure and exploring mathematical philosophy.

And then I got invited onto Henning Karwowski’s excellent podcast (Hennings verden).

It’s in Norwegian, so many of you will be hearing gobbledygook. But for my Norwegian readers, it should be a good listen. We cover Scientology a lot and also nerdy stuff, coaching, helping people and life in general. We also cover my IRA interview. Henning is a really good guy, and out of all my appearances on TV, videos, radio and podcasts, I think Henning did the best job as a host.


Link to this post: https://isene.org/2020/07/Podcast-Henning.html