HyperList newsflash!

Increase your productivity. Create better ToDo lists. Describe projects and processes more consisely. Reduce any concept down to pure simplicity. Use HyperList.

You can put any description of anything down as a simple HyperList. On paper, on a board, in a document. HyperList itself is just a way to describe stuff - some rules and ways to make descriptions simpler. And now this method is released in a new version - 2.4.

It has been more than 4 years since HyperList last saw an upgrade. The methodology is extraordinarily complete, and the latest added feature is perhaps minor: Check section of the HyperList definition document for the new relative reference feature.

I have mixed feelings, seeing it has become this complete and stable… there is less opportunity to tinker and perfect it. Which is why I would like to encourage any and all suggestions for improvements.

Here’s a primer on HyperList.

And here is the home page for HyperList.

If you are using VIM as your text editor, you can use the HyperList plugin to effectively handle your lists. It is one of the most feature packed VIM plugins ever created. In its latest release, I added a full tutorial that walks you through all the features of this plugin. It’s been 56 releases of this software since its inception more than 10 years ago (then named WOIM). A thanks goes to many who have contributed to the development (check the docs for credits).

Link to this post: https://isene.org/2019/10/HyperList24.html