Amar - experimenting with new combat and magic systems

A lot is happening over at the Amar wiki. With plenty of new ideas from players and with solid play testing, some fundamental concepts have come to the fore.

Having developed role-playing game systems for more than 35 years, I thought I had covered most bases. But then came my 16 year old son Jonatan and beat me hands down. He has devised a rather neat new way of thinking about magic in a fantasy role-playing game. Take a look at Incantation Magic and let us know what you think.

Then there is the ever evolving combat systems. One of the most challenging tasks I face as a Games Master is to realistically handle larger combats. With all motion during a battle, it is important to capture the dynamics of all the commotion. Who moves where and who gets to hit who and at what penalties, etc. As it is impossible to fully capture all details, a game system must resort to sensible abstractions that balance drama, realism and game flow.

With the new experimental combat system, I believe we are a step closer to a good game balance. Again, take a look and give your thoughts - either as a comment to this blog post or directly via mail (

From Mega to Amar

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