Free will should remain free - structures should be structured

You manage to get out of bed in the morning. You manage to get your clothes on, fix breakfast for the whole family, drive and drop kids off at school. You manage to get to job before 9. But then… you get managed until 4pm. Then at 4 you manage to drive home, stop by the store, make food, drop one kid off at soccer practice and the other at the tennis court. You manage play with your kids and manage to get your body to sleep before midnight.

You manage to do lots of stuff all around the clock. Except between 9 to 4. Then you don’t manage. You need managing.


When you introduce management in a company, you limit employee responsibility. You say that this one girl is responsible for all these decisions and actions and results - and by that you limit every one else’s responsibility to not decide, do or deliver that. And then you have management complaining that employees take to little responsibility and should “step it up”. Management, by it’s very nature is the limiting of responsibility. It is conditioning people to become less responsible. Heck, any organizational structure inherently limits responsibility, creativity, initiative, action, results. It limits free will.

Free will should remain free.

One way is to limit organizational structures to the barest minimum possible. Another is to remove the concept of employer and employee by getting everyone equally involved as owners.

While free will should remain free and we should let life be life - dead objects are structures and they should be structured to help life be creative, to decide, act and deliver great results.

This distinction dawned on me when Øivind asked me how come I am against the structuring of people while at the same time I am super structured when it comes to things and information… such as with HyperList.

Structures should serve life and help it be creative, not limit its free will.

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