Accept - Like - Enjoy

While I have previously covered the ability to like anything, I have now taken this to a new level: Enjoy everything.

It was a tough climb to 1238 meters above the sea level. Not having slept much the days before or eaten enough to embark on this adventure, it was tougher than two years ago when I first got to the top of Tromsdalstinden.

The views from the top is stunning. Silent, tranquil, magnificent.


It’s a rough and steep path down with plenty of opportunities to hurt yourself. Having gotten through all that, it wasn’t before I got on the bike down in the valley and toward the end of that little bike ride that I managed to fumble. In 30-40 km/h in a turn on the gravel road I went straight to the ground. It’s moments like that when I appreciate all the mental training routines. Time slowed down and I got to think about how to land this body as best as I could. I fell flat on my side, hitting the ground with my hip, shoulder and ribs - two of them noticeably snapping in the process. I was pretty proud of that fall as my head never touched the ground.

This I could like. Even the pain I could like. But could I Enjoy it? Yeah, fairly well. Yesterday the hip, shoulder, neck and ribs hurt like hell. But practice makes perfect and I managed to enjoy that pain. I mean, I could have moaned and bitched about it, but as long as it is there and I can’t do too much about it, I might as well enjoy it. It’s good practice.

So, on my quest for enjoying the heck out of life, I am learning to enjoy every small bit of it.


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