It’s been a real pleasure to move from Wordpress to Jekyll. Feeling like a kid again, learning this neat web platform. It lends itself beautifully to my interest in programming in general and coding in Ruby in particular. I’m tinkering, adding plugins, exploring some scripting to automate the workflow for writing and publishing. Yeah, it’s cool.

But now that everything is rather perfect, I’m again facing the challenge of igniting myself for something new. Since early July, it’s been programming some serious upgrades to the Amar Tools, then this whole move-to-Jekyll thingy. Now what?

I should be exploring the possibility of a Free Will proof in Mathematical Logic, but I have run into a sort of dead end with Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems as they don’t seem to quite work on the superset of the set they apply to. To give a hint of this, Gödel’s theorems describes the boundaries of mathematical theories. And even though it can be argued that the Universe as a whole is the superset of any and all mathematical theories, it is not given (at least to me) that they put the same boundaries on the foundation for our Universe, the laws of physics. I would have to explore other venues into a possible proof, if there is any.

I like it when the geek in me gets “taken” by some interest and I just have to explore or do something.

Besides my geekery, I’m enjoying playing Amar RPG with Niklas in the evenings, exploring Tokyo and going such places as the hedgehog café :-)

We have the apartment to ourselves until next weekend when three guys from Dualog will join us for the upcoming NYK workshop.

I’ll leave you with a little something that I found today and that has been my background music while I was tinkering: