Amar - Gods, GM screen, Campaign tracker

Here are some neat updates for Game Masters of the Amar Role-Playing Game.

Amar GM Screen

A Game Master screen can be made using a generic screen like the Stratagem The Master’s Tome Customizable GM Screen. Just choose 4 of the 5 available panels, print out and insert them into the generic screen’s plastic sleeves. You’ll have a nice screen to hide all your Game Master secret from the players with all the important game tables right in front of you.

Amar GM Screen

Then there are the whole pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. The mythological part of Amar has been updated to include all the major Deities as well as the most important lesser Deities. Each has a page describing the details, including the attributes of the God or Goddess, type of worship, Holy Day and more.


In addition I have included a simple Campaign tracker to make it easy for the GM to write down events during a game calendar year.

Happy role-playing :-)