There are nuggets of gold to be found from most people who teach and coach others.

While most North American hyper & overly extroverted coaches can come across as rather cheesy, there is wisdom to be had from the likes of Tony Robbins and Joe Polish. Even Jordan Peterson has a couple of worthwhile words of advice. This list from Joe Polish puts a clear perspective of the qualities of successful entrepreneurs:

  1. Smart entrepreneurs are pursuers of betterment. They don’t want to be the smartest person in the room; They want to be in a room where everybody is getting smarter
  2. They look for learning experiences they can’t get anywhere else
  3. They invest big-time on themselves and experience psychological upgrades
  4. They also know life gives to the giver and takes from the taker
  5. They show up, act with integrity, give their best stuff and share
  6. They value discussions with other high-level entrepreneurs
  7. They are contributors and collaborators rather than competitors
  8. They also look for the right “who’s”. They know that if they find the right “who’s”, the right “who’s” bring the “what” with them
  9. They purposefully put themselves in environments for who is NOT there, just as much for who is in there

And to accomplish these, there is one quality that lies underneath all of them: The ability to be present, to be truly here and now. Head on over to the OnePageBooks section and read “Mental training - The core” and learn to master that basic skill.