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  • 07 Nov 2018 ()
    Podcast 14 - Impress with the Arrow->Box->Arrow method

    Yesterday I did a talk at the Procurement 4.0 conference at Deloitte in Oslo. While the topic I covered was digitilization in shipping, I ended up recommending the audience to go home and ask their sexual partner how they could be the ideal partner in bed for them… and then... Read more!

  • 03 Nov 2018 ()
    Podcast 13 - Can collaboration be good business? Shipping, ant hills and the crazy fashion industry

    Why is collaboration good business? Why share? What does shipping have in common with the pharmaceutical industry? What is “ant hill innovation”, and how does that concept relate to the IT industry? Having had the privilege working for my main client Dualog during the past few years, I have gained... Read more!

  • 26 Oct 2018 ()
    Podcast 12 - Women will be last to be replaced by robots and AI

    Earlier today I held a workshop in Tromsø - north of the arctic circle - at the annual WISTA conference (WISTA being the “Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association”). The topic of my workshop was “Digitization, robots and AI. Why women will be the last to be replaced by robots... Read more!

  • 12 Oct 2018 ()
    Podcast 11 - Chemical Geir blowing himself up

    Stay curious. Experiment. Fail fast. Learn. This podcast is about the young aspiring chemist who started to blow things up and ended blowing up himself. It highlights a part of the free OnePageBook, “#Fail” and adds the element of curiosity. Link to transcribed video. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2018/10/Podcast-ChemicalGeir.html Read more!

  • 11 Oct 2018 ()
    Podcast 10 - How to effectively help another

    This podcast distills the OnePageBook, “How to help a friend in trouble” down to just one single effective tip. There exists a silver bullet in helping another. It may not be the tip a person wants to hear, but it is the tip he needs to hear. In the podcast,... Read more!

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