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  • 14 Feb 2019 ()
    How Men Will Stay Significant...

    I had the great pleasure talking to the wonderful Annmarie Bhola. Her combination of empathy and intelligence stands out. We had a cool session that is relevant way beyond the headline. In addition to covering some of the points from my earlier podcast (Women will be last to be replaced... Read more!

  • 03 Jan 2019 ()
    Podcast 18 - The value of improvisation in Role-Playing Games

    In RPGs and generally in life - improvisation is an invaluable skill that will help you in countless situations. But how do you balance improvisation, planning and the role-playing game system itself? What is the benefits of planning, and when do you simply “wing it”? How do you get better... Read more!

  • 07 Dec 2018 ()
    Podcast 17 - Meaning of Life

    Is there any meaning, any purpose to life? What is the true path? Religion? Science? The arts, sports, parenting, helping others, yourself, collecting stuff, happiness, action, inaction or something entirely different? What on Earth - or elsewhere - could be the meaning of all this? In this podcast I cover... Read more!

  • 21 Nov 2018 ()
    Podcast 16 - Mental Training

    When you read about mental training, you may learn some mental gymnastics tricks to help you focus. But often the very basic skill of being here and now is skipped. And if training to be here and now is covered, it usually involves doing something to ensure you don’t drift... Read more!

  • 18 Nov 2018 ()
    Podcast 15 - Learn better public speaking, even without slides

    To become a good public speaker, practice. To become a great public speaker, practice more. Here are my tips for you along the way: Decide on the impact and value you would like to make with the audience Instead of using slides, jot down a set of keywords or phrases... Read more!

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