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  • 10 Oct 2018 ()
    Podcast 9 - Do you actually need your goals and ambitions?

    I have a question for you: Do you need your ambitions to live a happy or fulfilling life? In sports, in business, in school and in most other parts of life the need for goals and ambitions seems taken for granted. “But of course you need ambitions!” - we can... Read more!

  • 09 Oct 2018 ()
    Podcast 8 - Launching a really simple Role-Playing Game

    In this podcast, I introduce a really simple role-playing game: The Amar Lite. The rule system can be read and understood in 15 minutes and is playable with kids down to 5 years old. Along with the game system itself, I have created a set of ready-made characters and a... Read more!

  • 05 Oct 2018 ()
    Experiencing New York City

    When Niklas (my oldest son) turned 15 four years ago, I took him to NYC for a week. As Jonathan turned 15 in August, it was his turn. In 5 years it will be Benjamin and in 13 years, it’s me and Aleksander. It’s a great way to experience a... Read more!

  • 30 Sep 2018 ()
    Podcast 7 - Being an extrovert or introvert and being in the zone

    Are you an introvert or extrovert? Or somewhere in between? Why? And how do you get into the zone - that state where everything you do just flow without effort? What is the link between the zone and being an extrovert or introvert? I share my views on this after... Read more!

  • 27 Sep 2018 ()
    Podcast 6 - Revenge of the calculator geek

    After having been laughed at by the leader of the Calculator Group in the Norwegian Astronomical Society, I decided to take revenge. Listen to the podcast and let your inner geek be inspired. Link to transcribed video. Link to this post: https://isene.org/2018/09/Podcast-RevengeCalculatorGeek.html Read more!

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